About Mayatex

Joyce Dobkins founded Mayatex, Inc., in 1944. After graduating Valedictorian in her class from Texas Tech University, Joyce, at the age of 33 purchased an automobile in New York City and drove by herself to Guatemala on the newly opened Pan-American Highway.

While living in Guatemala she became very knowledgeable of Mayan culture and textiles. Her love of the native textiles prompted her to start her own weaving business with her sister, Carmen Drake.

Their first major success was the famous hand woven Guatemalan skirt, which was sold at Neiman Marcus and later in stores throughout the United States. The dyeing and weaving techniques they developed in their factory are still being used today in Guatemalan weavings.

In 1959 Joyce and Carmen moved the business to El Paso, where they began a “Cottage Industry” weaving saddle blankets in Juarez, Mexico. During the years Joyce and Carmen developed innovative design and weaving techniques that set the standard for woven saddle blankets, tapestries and floor coverings.

Joyce actively worked in the business until the age of 83. In August of 2003, Joyce passed away at the age of 91. She is sorely missed. The business that was started by this very modern and adventurous woman continues to thrive and is held in high regard within the equine industry.

Today, Mayatex™ is owned and operated by James Drake and Pi Crowley who strive to create new and innovative hand woven saddle blankets from quality craftsmen throughout the world. Mayatex™ takes care in designing each saddle blanket, making sure that not only will each design be pleasing to the eye, but also satisfy the needs of both horse and rider.

Generations of knowledge have been put into the designing and manufacturing of our products and we make sure each product is made to quality specification.

Commitment to design, quality and service is our standard of operation – direct from the weaver to you.